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Looking for brighter, younger looking skin? David Zweiback, MD, and the team at Zweiback Medical Associates can help you achieve a fresh-faced look with laser treatments like PicoSure®. The office is located in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, but also serves patients in Huntingdon Valley, Abington, Bucks County, and Montgomery County, and offers a range of internal medicine and cosmetic and medical dermatology services. Call to schedule an appointment or use the online scheduler today to start having healthy, youthful skin.

PicoSure Skin Revitalization/Picosure Tattoo Removal

What is PicoSure skin revitalization?

The PicoSure skin revitalization treatment is a safe, easy, in-office treatment that gives patients dependable results. The treatments improve signs of aging including:

  • Wrinkles
  • Age spots
  • Acne scars
  • Sunspots
  • Freckles
  • Pigment or hyperpigmentation

PicoSure skin revitalization is quick with no downtime and no pain and a procedure you can get done during your lunch break. Dr. Zweiback will discuss with you if this treatment option is right for you and your skin care goals.

How does PicoSure skin revitalization work?

PicoSure skin revitalization uses PressureWave™ technology that converts 755 nm laser energy into gentle pressure. The gentle pressure then squeezes the cells in the targeted area which signals to the surrounding cells that there is damage to the targeted cells. The surrounding cells activate and work overtime to heal the targeted area. This creates a surplus of collagen and elastin, which revitalizes your skin and gives you a youthful glow.

Why is PicoSure better than other lasers?

The treatment doesn’t depend on heat which other lasers need to show the same results. PicoSure does not damage the skin and doesn’t cause discomfort due to its ability to target specific cells with gentle pressure instead of heat.

There is no downtime and only mild redness so you can continue your daily routines after the procedure.

Is PicoSure safe?

PicoSure skin revitalization offers the same results of traditional lasers without the damaging heat; less heat means less damage to the skin and a safer procedure. The treatment is quick, usually just 10 minutes, and feels like snapping rubber bands on your face. It’s important to wear sunscreen after the treatment.

How many treatments will show the best results?

Dr. Zweiback can work with you to help figure out your skin care goals, and how many treatments will be needed to obtain your goals. Usually, patients see results after the first treatment and they can be long lasting but sometimes stubborn pigmentations can come back, and patients will have touch-up treatments every six months.

Call Zweiback Medical Associates or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about PicoSure skin revitalization treatments.

Dr. David Zweiback offers a unique laser tattoo removal procedure at his Philadelphia, PA-area practice that targets ink - not skin -  to greatly reduce pain and effectively remove ink colors that are notoriously difficult to erase. While many tattoo removal procedures can be incredibly painful, laser tattoo removal is a relatively painless way to remove a tattoo that no longer suits your lifestyle or personality. If you have an unwanted tattoo you want to erase from your body, contact our office today to learn more about our laser tattoo removal procedure.


Laser tattoo removal is gentle and effective.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Dr. Zweiback utilizes a high-intensity laser beam to effectively remove your tattoo. The wavelengths of the light will target and break apart the ink molecules to gradually remove your unwanted tattoo. This method is far less painful than other tattoo removal treatment options, which can damage and scar the skin in the process. The number of treatment sessions you require will depend on the size and colors of the tattoo. Most patients will require about six to 12 treatment sessions to effectively remove their tattoo. 

During each session, you will be given protective eyewear. Dr. Zweiback will direct the hand-held laser at your tattoo, using frequent pulses, which may feel like the stinging of a grease burn or the snap of a rubber band. An ice pack will be applied to the tattooed area following each treatment session and an antibiotic cream or ointment will be applied before it is covered with a bandage. You should avoid direct sun exposure between treatment sessions and always remember to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from additional damage.

Am I a Candidate for Laser Tattoo Removal?

If you have an unwanted tattoo that you wish to remove, you are probably a candidate for laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal may also be beneficial to those who have not had success with other tattoo removal methods, as long as the previous method did not result in extensive scarring. Patients with certain skin conditions or excessive scarring from previous treatments may not be good candidates for laser tattoo removal.

During your first consultation with Dr. Zweiback, he will examine your tattoo and skin to determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment. The condition and color of your skin, as well as the depth of the ink pigmentation, may affect the number of treatment sessions you will need. At this time, he can estimate how many treatment sessions you will require.

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Dr. Zweiback's unique laser treatment method minimizes pain while removing stubborn ink colors. If you have an unwanted tattoo you wish to remove, or if you have tried other ineffective methods, contact our office today to schedule your laser tattoo removal consultation. Dr. Zweiback's compassionate, technologically advanced care can help you feel comfortable and confident in your skin.