End Sexual Frustration with the PRP-Shot


The PRP-Shot helps women who are having underwhelming orgasms or do not have them at all. At the practice of Dr. David Zweiback, DO, we administer this shot by injecting growth factors into the clitoris and upper vagina to encourage stronger sexual response. The shot stimulates new tissue growth, and these cells may respond more strongly during sexual intercourse. Many women enjoy greater self-confidence and increased sexual pleasure following treatment. To find out if the PRP-Shot is right for you, contact our Cherry Hill office, Mullica Hill office, Burlington, Vineland and Hamilton, to schedule a consultation.

Candidates for the PRP-Shot

If you suffer from any of the following concerns, you may be an excellent candidate for the PRP-Shot:

  • The inability to orgasm
  • Poor or underwhelming orgasms
  • The inability to achieve internal orgasm, even though you experience external orgasm
  • Incontinence

Causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction

There are several reasons why you may have dissatisfying sexual experiences. The four primary female sexual problems are:

  • Female sexual arousal disorder: You want to have sex, but you do not get aroused when you do so.
  • Female orgasmic disorder: You want to have sex, and you become aroused. However, you are unable to achieve an orgasm.
  • Hypoactive sexual desire disorder: You have a low sex drive. You may even have lost interest in sex altogether.
  • Dyspareunia: You experience pain during sex.

Unfortunately, many women are hesitant to discuss their sexual dysfunction with their doctors. Dr. Zweiback offers compassionate, discreet care, and he is highly respectful of your privacy. He will provide a consultation to determine if the PRP-Shot is right for you.

How the PRP-Shot Works

To perform the PRP-Shot treatment, Dr. Zweiback will take a sample of your blood. Then he will refine and purify the blood to isolate platelet-rich plasma (PRP). He will then inject the PRP into your vaginal canal just underneath your clitoris. As the injection takes effect, it will stimulate stem cell growth and tissue regeneration. The doctor will numb the vaginal canal and use a very fine needle, so you should experience little to no discomfort during the treatment. The injection takes effect quickly, and you may notice a change in your sexual experience after just one week. However, it could take several weeks to experience the full effects of your PRP-Shot. If you are over age 40, you may need two injections to enjoy satisfying results. The effects of the PRP-Shot can last up to a year and a half. You can receive repeat injections to enhance or maintain your response.

The PRP-Shot can also be a great way to treat urinary incontinence. The PRP can stimulate cell growth to improve the weak pelvic muscles responsible for both sexual function and bladder control.

Benefits of Treatment

In addition to an increased sexual response, the PRP-Shot can have a number of benefits for your overall quality of life. These effects include:

  • An enormous boost of self-confidence
  • Feelings of increased control
  • A more exciting sex life
  • Greater satisfaction for your sexual partner
  • Deeper personal relationship with your partner

Find Out if the PRP-Shot Is Right for You

Do not let sexual dysfunction affect your love life. Contact our practice to learn more about the PRP-Shot and find out if it is right for you.

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