Finish Off Your Weight Loss Journey With CoolSculpting

Everyone’s weight loss journey looks different. Whether you’ve lost 10 pounds or 100 pounds, whether you’ve been at it a few months or a few years, you may find that once you reach your goal weight or come close to it, your figure isn’t quite what you’d imagined it would be. You still have bulges of fat that you can’t get rid of no matter how much you dial up your exercise or dial down your food intake.

Genetics and other factors play a role in how fat cells are distributed in your body and how they respond to individual efforts to banish them. The result is that everyone has different areas that accumulate resistant fat, and most are at a loss about what to do.

At Zweiback Medical Associates in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, we understand how frustrating it can be to work so hard on your figure but not be able to reach your ideal shape. That’s why Dr. Zweiback and our team offer FDA-cleared, nonsurgical CoolSculpting to fine-tune your figure and get rid of diet- and exercise-resistant fat without downtime or scars.

The cold facts about CoolSculpting

You may have heard of liposuction, a treatment that sucks fat out of your body. It’s effective because it actually rids your body of the fat cells so they can never again swell and multiply. CoolSculpting also gets rid of those cells, but without the invasive process of vacuuming out what’s inside of you. 

Instead, CoolSculpting lowers the temperature of your fat cells, which disables them. They essentially shut down and crystallize. The good news is that because fat freezes at a higher temperature than water, your skin, organs, muscles, and other tissues aren’t affected by the CoolSculpting process.

Within a few months of your treatment, your body breaks down the crystallized, dead fat cells and processes through your lymph system naturally. Your body doesn’t regenerate the eliminated fat cells.

Where would you like it?

Dr. Zweiback is well known for his medical knowledge, clinical experience, and artistic eye. Once he gets to know you and how you envision your ideal body shape, he carefully sculpts your silhouette into a smooth new you. He selects from a variety of treatment handles that contour perfectly to the area you want to treat, including:

Each CoolSculpting treatment eliminates up to 20-25% of fat at a time. However, while it’s capable of freezing away inches of extra, unwanted fat, it’s not meant to be a weight loss program. If you are significantly overweight, you should first talk with Dr. Zweiback about the best way to approach weight loss given your unique health conditions, and lifestyle. Once you achieve your ideal weight, or you get within 20-30 pounds and need help with diet-resistant fat, CoolSculpting can bridge the gap and help you cross the finish line.

CoolSculpting is gentle, gradual, and natural 

One of the reasons CoolSculpting has become so popular is that it’s painless and requires no downtime. You won’t need to take weeks off of work after your CoolSculpting treatment. In fact, you won’t even need to take a day. At most, you may be a little swollen and uncomfortable for a couple of days, and your skin might be slightly pinker than normal, most people feel ready to tackle their normal activities right after their treatment. 

That said, do pay attention to your body, and if you need to take it easy for a day or two, that’s what you should do.

CoolSculpting’s fat-elimination process lets your results appear gradually and naturally. After your initial session is in the books and a few months have passed, you should be able to see the full effects of the treatment. That’s also a good time to talk with Dr. Zweiback about possible additional sessions. Depending on how much fat you want to lose, he may recommend 1-3 CoolSculpting treatments. 

CoolSculpting tightens skin, too

Unlike liposuction and a few other permanent fat-removal techniques, CoolSculpting won’t leave you with loose, saggy skin. One of the advantages of CoolSculpting is that its patented cryolipolysis method of freezing away fat also triggers your skin to tighten up as the fat volume decreases. In fact, CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared treatment for tightening loosened submental (under the chin) skin during double-chin removal.

Afterward, it’s important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine that will help you keep your new shape because even though you’ll have fewer fat cells than before, the remaining fat cells will expand if you’re not careful.

To find out if CoolSculpting is right for you as you strive to sculpt away those last few inches of resistant fat, call our team of aesthetic professionals today or book an appointment online.

Individual results may vary.

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